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Rewards of becoming an agent

Our mission is to be the best Home Collected Credit Company in the UK. As one of our self-employed agents, you will be key to helping us to achieve that, as well as benefiting from the rewards that come with this, such as...

Running your own business

All of our agents are self-employed, meaning they work their agency as their own business. They are able to put in as many hours as they want to and can grow their businesses and increase their income based on the work they put in.

Competitive commission

Morses Club agents work on a commission basis, taking an agreed percentage of what they collect each week. Our commission rates are competitive, and we determine these on an individual basis.

Schemes and incentives

We operate an agent Refer and Reward scheme which allows you to earn money for recommending good quality agents to the business.


You will be provided with excellent training as well as a fantastic support network. This is a self-employed role however you will have access to additional information with tips on how to grow your business should you wish to use it. We want to encourage you to build on your successes which will, in turn, increase your income as well as your job satisfaction.

Working with a recognised name

Morses Club is a well-known name in our industry – we have been operating for over 130 years. People trust us because we treat them fairly. As an agent, working for a well known brand will make your job easier, as well as provide you with peace of mind.