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Loan agent FAQs

What income can I make?

How much income you can make depends on how many customers you have. This will be affected by where you're based and how many hours a week you spend on your Agency. Wages are commission based; we don't pay sales commission, the amount you earn will be based on Customer Service and Collections. On average, you can earn up to around £10 an hour.

Can I work from home?

This role is self-employed so it is up to you where your base is. A lot of the time you will be visiting the homes of your customers on a weekly basis at a day and time which is convenient for everyone. This is a role which does not involve working from an office or a particular location and the days and times that you work are decided by you.

Why do I need a car?

A car is required to ensure you can visit customers effectively and to travel between customers' houses. If you don't have a car you will be unable to visit the amount of customers you need to in one day which could affect your income. A car is also a place where you can keep paperwork and cash securely so you don't have too much on your person at any one time.

Can I use a motorbike?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use a motorbike to be a Morses Club agent. This is because you will need a place to store cash and paperwork while you are on your route. As well as getting you from place to place your car serves as a secure base to keep items and a motorbike would not allow you to do this.

What hours will I be working?

Your hours of work are decided by you. This can be a full or part time business depending on how much you grow your customer base.

What is a customer territory?

We refer to the customer base of an agency as a customer 'territory'. Where you see us refer to 'collecting your territory' or 'working your territory' it simply means the day to day running of your business.

Do I have to work a set number of hours?

The amount of hours you work each week is not set. How many hours you work is dependant on how many customers you are collecting from, where they live and when you visit them. The number of hours per week can increase and decrease as your customers grow and change.

Can I fit it around another job?

Many of our current agents fit their work for us around other self-employed jobs or even employment. As a Morses Club agent you will be required to work mainly afternoons and evenings a few days a week because that is usually when your customers will want you to visit them. If you have a job that will allow this, there is no reason you cannot be a Morses Club agent alongside your current work.

If I've applied before, can I apply again?

You can apply to be a Morses Club agent even if you have been previously unsuccessful, however we only encourage you to do this if your circumstances have changed – for example if you now have access to a car. If there were no vacancies when you previously applied but your local Customer Relationship Manager thought you would be a good fit for the role, they may give you a call when an opportunity opens up.

What does being self-employed mean?

Being a Morses Club agent is a self-employed role. This means that you work for yourself and will be responsible for your own tax and national insurance contributions. This may sound daunting but it's quite straightforward and you will be provided with some documents on how to get started when you begin your training. For more help on this, take a look at these useful links.

http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/selfemployed/, https://www.gov.uk/browse/tax

What support do I get?

You will receive full training in this role. You will also have the support of your local Customer Relation Managers who will help you with any problems you have and answer your questions. You will be set up on the Learning Management System which is a training system used by Morses Club where you can find all training documents and useful information to help you do your job. In addition to this you will be equipped with the latest electronic equipment that you need.

Will I receive any training?

You will be enrolled in a 12 week Guidance and Support programme. The first two weeks you will be fully accompanied by a Customer Relation Manager on collecting a territory and how to use your equipment after this they will support you throughout your time with Morses Club.

Do I get petrol allowance?

We do not provide a petrol allowance to our agents. We expect all agents to pay for their own fuel however we do give a walk order which is a suggested route to visit your customers. This should ensure that the way you travel is the most efficient route, which should have an impact on your fuel costs. You can change the walk order so that it is more fuel efficient if you would like to.

How does this affect my benefits?

Whether or not being a Morses Club agent will affect your benefits depends on what benefits you claim. Ask in your local job centre or visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/benefits for more information on this.

Will I have to build up my customers from scratch?

If you are filling a vacant agency you will be provided with a customer territory, meaning that you will take on the customers who the previous agent visited. This could be very small or very large depending on your location – but all our agents are encouraged to grow their customer base. The more customers you collect from, the more commission you earn – and by taking on an established customer territory you are already in a good position.

Do you have to be a Morses Club customer to become an agent?

You can apply to be a Morses Club agent even if you have never been a customer of ours. You will receive training so even if you are new to the home credit market – either as a customer or an agent - it won't make a difference to whether you're selected as an agent.

Is this debt collecting?

This is not a debt collection position. You will be collecting credit repayments from Morses Club customers. They will be aware that you are coming and know how much their weekly repayments are. The time that you call to collect their repayments is prearranged for their convenience and they are given payment cards to keep up to date with their account. You will only make collections on behalf of Morses Club and will have nothing to do with any other debts or forms of credit the customer may have.

Can I change the call days and times to suit myself?

You will arrange the days and times that you collect with your customers. If you are able to arrange a different time and date with them then changing this will not be a problem, however it is all down to what you can work out with your customers and their schedules must be considered first and foremost.

Is it safe to go round collecting money from door to door?

You will receive safety training as part of your structured training process.

Why do you complete a DBS check?

A DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check) allows a company to look at the past records or a prospective employee or associate to see any prior convictions. It's necessary for many job roles.

Morses Club carries out a DBS check for a number of reasons. Being a Morses Club agent involves going into the homes of our customers and we want to ensure their safety. The role also involves cash handling and banking. Carrying out a DBS check allows us to determine your suitability for the role. Most importantly, it shows that we are focused on the safety and security of our customers, our business and all those associated with it.

How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid weekly, and the amount you get paid is based around how much money you have collected. A commission percentage will be agreed when you begin working as an agent so you will be able to work out about how much you will be paid each week.

How can I increase my commission?

Your commission will increase as you grow your customer base. For example if you start with a territory of 100 customers, you will earn your commission as a percentage of what you collect from them. If you introduce more customers to Morses Club and increase your territory number to 150 customers, you will earn more commission.

What happens if I am on holiday or I don't want to work a certain time?

You are required to make sure the territory is covered 52 weeks per year. However, as a self-employed person you are not obliged to do the work yourself and should arrange for a substitute to do it when you are unable to do so. Your Customer Relation Manager will talk you through how to set up a substitute to cover your territory.