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Morses Club agent - Jayne

How long have you been an agent?

About 4 years but I've only been with Morses Club 1 year; I worked on behalf of another company previously.

How many hours a week do you work on average?

I work about 25 hours a week on average and this is my only job.

How many customers do you have?

Roughly about 175 now which is quite a lot.

What did you do before you became an agent?

I worked for Superdrug before this in the pharmacy department. I got all the prescriptions ready and delivered them to people's homes as well as working behind the counter. I've worked in retail from leaving school so I've always been used to interacting with people.

What was it about the agent role that attracted you?

For me it was the flexibility, my children were quite young an I could work the agent role around school times and family life which was a big benefit.

What does an 'average' day look like for you?

Every day is different really. My phone is always busy in the morning with customers ringing me – they might be asking to change the time or the day that I go over or ringing me with questions. You've got to get all the paperwork sorted at home before you go out. I start at about 11.30 usually and every door you go to is different because you're not just there to collect repayments - you're a friend and an Agony Aunt in some cases too. I try and communicate properly with every customer and spend a few minutes with them as they appreciate that. Fridays I start and finish later as it's such a busy collections day. On a Tuesday I have a Business Review with my Business Manager and go over reports, targets and paperwork; Tuesday isn't a busy day for me so it's good to get everything sorted and ready for the next few days.

What is your favourite thing about being an agent?

For me it's meeting the customers and having a chat. I enjoy my job because I spend a few minutes with each person and feel that I know them. I also like that it can be a flexible job and work around family life too.

What are the biggest challenges you face in the role?

Getting your customers to trust you and building a relationship with them can be challenging especially when you first start. It can be hard but it's what the job is all about so you have to work at it. You've got to get to know the customers and they've got to get to know you for it to work.

What are the qualities you think people need to succeed as an agent?

You've got to be punctual and stick to times – if you say you'll be there at 3 then make sure you are or it will rub people up the wrong way. You need to be organised too especially before you set off on collections – I have a walk list that I try and stick to otherwise you're wasting your time and not making any money. You've got to be friendly too and communicate with people well and always keep in mind that you're there to help the customers.