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Shopacheck Financial Services Now Morses Club

Shopacheck Financial Services merged with Morses Club on 1st March 2015 and Shopacheck customers are now part of Morses Club. The Shopacheck name has now been completely replaced by Morses Club.

Morses Club offers the same great service and cash loans that Shopacheck previously offered. The loans are finalised in person and the repayments are collected from your home each week by a Morses Club agent. You also have the option to keep track of your repayments online using our Morses Club Customer App.

You can apply for a cash loan delivered to your home through Morses Club.

Following the merger with Shopacheck, Morses Club has become one of the largest home credit providers in the UK. We have taken the best of both Shopacheck and Morses Club and it is our mission to be the best Home Collected Credit Company in the UK.

If you are interested in a doorstep loan, why not find out a little more about us or apply online.

Previous Shopacheck customers

Our FAQs contain the answers to some questions surrounding the merger. If you have any more queries just contact our friendly Customer Service Team.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my loan no longer with Shopacheck?

On 1st March 2015 Shopacheck merged with Morses Club PLC. The two companies are now one legal business and operate under the name Morses Club PLC. As part of this merger, all Shopacheck customers have been transferred over to Morses Club. There is no change to the terms of your Credit Agreement and your loan will carry on as normal. Find out more information on this here.

Do I still have to pay back my loan?

Yes, your Credit Agreement is still valid. You should continue to make your repayments on the arranged day and time as usual.

Will my agent change?

Your regular agent will continue to come and collect your repayments each week; the merger will not affect the day to day operation of your loan. Please feel free to ask your agent any questions may have, or contact us.

Who is Morses Club PLC?

Morses Club PLC is now one of the largest home collected credit providers in the UK, operating through a network of local self-employed agents. Prior to 1st March 2015, Shopacheck and Morses Club operated as two separate companies – Shopacheck Financial Services Ltd and Morses Club.

Can I have another Shopacheck loan?

You can apply for additional loans if you need them in the future. If you are approved for an additional loan Morses Club PLC will be your loan providers, not Shopacheck. Morses Club offers the same loans as Shopacheck did previously and could continue to help you with your credit needs.

Are Morses Club loans the same as Shopacheck loans?

Morses Club offer loans from £300 to £1000 over 35 weeks, with an additional 52 week borrowing option, depending on the amount borrowed. We operate in the same way as Shopacheck did previously and offer the same weekly home collect service.