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Provident Doorstep Loans Alternative: Borrow between £200 and £750

As of May 2021, Provident Financial withdrew from doorstep lending. This means that they no longer offer doorstep loans. If you are looking for doorstep loans like Provident or wanted to apply for a Provident loan, Morses Club may be able to provide you with a suitable alternative, subject to status.

How much were Provident doorstep loans?

Before they stopped issuing doorstep loans, Provident advertised a Representative APR of 535.3%. This means that the cost of some Provident doorstep loans was higher than that of a Morses Club loan, which is issued at 615.70% Representative APR.

If you’d like to find out more about what Representative APR means, you can browse our handy guide which explains it in more detail.

Do Morses Club offer loans like Provident?

Morses Club offer doorstep loans like Provident with a competitive Representative APR of 615.70%. New customers can borrow between £200 and £750 with repayments spread over 26 or 39 weeks, subject to affordability and depending on the amount borrowed.

If you are accepted for one of our doorstep loans, you will be put in contact with your local Customer Support Associate who will arrange a suitable time to collect repayments from your door.

Your friendly Morses Club CSA won’t just collect repayments, they can help you manage your loan and help answer any queries you may have. For example, if you struggle to make repayments on time, your CSA could make changes to your repayment plan to help you. Use our CSA locator to find out if our CSAs operate within your area.

Am I eligible for a Morses Club loan?

To be eligible for one of our doorstep loans like Provident, you need to:

  •   Be over 18 years of age
  •   Not have been declared bankrupt, applied for Sequestration, had a Debt Relief Order or an Individual Voluntary Agreement in the last 6 years
  •   For doorstep loans, you should live in the same business area as one of our Morses Club Customer Support Associates, which we will check for you based on your address details

Why should I consider Morses Club as an alternative to a Provident loan?

Morses Club is one of the largest home credit providers in the UK. Morses Club started over 130 years ago, so you can count on our experience to bring you the friendly and personal service which we take pride in.

Don’t just hear it from us, check out our customer testimonials. We are proud to be rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

Our doorstep loans come with no extra charges, such as late repayment or admin fees which you may encounter from other lenders.

Here at Morses Club, we aim to practise responsible lending. Part of this means that our loans are issued subject to your affordability assessment, which helps reassure both us and you that your loan repayments will be manageable.

If you are thinking of applying for a Morses Club loan, you can explore your options by using the handy tool below. Our friendly customer service team are also on hand to answer any queries, so please contact us if you have any questions about our services.

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