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£900 loans

As an Morses Club customer you could apply for a £900 loan to help cover an emergency bill or expense.

Compare your £900 loan options

Paying back over 26 weeks 39 weeks
Interest rate of the loan 92.00% 99.00%
APR 1590.93% 615.70%
Finance charge £828.00 £891.00
Repay per week £66.46 £45.92
Total to repay £1728.00 £1791.00

*New customers are eligible for loans between £200 to £750, and existing customers are eligible for loans between £100 and £1500

Please note that if you increase your borrowing, you may be extending the terms of your debt and increase the total amount you repay.

£900 loans to your doorstep

When you want a loan, you want things to be simple, no unnecessary jargon or complications. As a Morses Club customer, getting a £900 loan could be simple and straightforward.

£900 loan form Morses Club

Easy online application process

Our application process is quick and straightforward and there’s no paperwork required to get an initial decision. As a Morses Club customer, you may still be required to provide documents during your affordability assessment.

How do the repayments work on a £900 loan?

Repayments are manageable and affordable and will be collected weekly by your Morses Club Customer Support Associate at a time that suits you. Your Customer Support Associate will also answer any questions that you have about your £900 loan and your repayments.

£900 loans from Morses Club

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

£900 loan FAQ’s

Are your £900 loans from a direct lender?

Morses Club is a direct lender, you can apply directly for a £900 loan from us and if you are approved, we’ll lend the money to you. A Customer Support Associate working for Morses Club will finalise your loan and collect your repayments.

Do you offer £900 payday loans?

We don’t offer payday loans, Morses Club is a provider of £900 doorstep loans. This means your repayments will be spread over several weeks, unlike a payday loan where you have to pay back your loan in full the next time you are paid.

Can I get a £900 loan with no credit check?

As we are a responsible lender we carry out credit checks on every loan application. This is to help make sure we are lending to customers who can afford the repayments.

Can I get a £900 loan for bad credit from Morses Club?

Rest assured your credit history doesn't need to be perfect to apply for a £900 loan from Morses Club. As well as your credit score, we will carry out an affordability assessment before making a lending decision.

If you have any questions, please speak to your Customer Support Associate or contact our Customer Services team and we will be happy to help.