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£300 loans

If you have a less than perfect credit score it can make borrowing seem tough and daunting - no matter how little you want to borrow.

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Compare your £300 loan options

Paying back over 26 weeks 39 weeks
Interest rate of the loan 92.00% 99.00%
APR 1590.93% 615.70%
Finance charge £276.00 £297.00
Repay per week £22.15 £15.31
Total to repay £576.00 £597.00
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How does a £300 loan work?

If you have struggled with bad credit, Morses Club may still be able to help you.* Credit checks are undertaken as part of your application, but the loan is finalised personally by a Morses Club Customer Support Associate who will also conduct an affordability assessment to ensure that a £300 loan is right for your circumstances.

£300 loan form Morses Club

Small £300 Loans

Morses Club offers small loans of £300 - subject to status. If you start with a small loan and keep up with your repayments, we may be able to offer you a larger loan in the future - should you need it.

Borrow £300 from Morses Club

Our loans are simple and transparent. There's no paperwork required to get an initial decision, which you'll receive within minutes, however you may need to provide documents as part of our affordability assessment. If you are approved in principle, a Customer Support Associate will visit you to complete the loan application and affordability checks. You could have your loan within a few days of applying and start using your £300 loan for whatever you need.

£300 loan FAQ’s

Is a Morses Club £300 loan from a direct lender?

We are a direct lender, not broker. This means you can apply directly to us and won’t have to deal with anyone else. If you are approved for a £300 loan, Morses Club will be the ones who lend you the money and collect the repayments each week.

Do you offer £300 payday loans?

No, Morses Club provide doorstep loans and not payday loans. This means the repayments on your £300 loan will be spread over several weeks rather than being in one lump sum.

Can I get a £300 loan with no credit check?

At Morses Club we're big on responsible lending, that’s why we carry out a credit check on every new application to try help us make sure the loan is right for you.

Can I get a £300 loan for bad credit from Morses Club?

We consider several factors before making a lending decision, this means you don't need a perfect credit history to be approved for one of our £300 loans.

Apply today for a Morses Club loan and see if we can help.

*Excludes people who have been declared bankrupt, applied for Sequestration, had a Debt Relief Order or an Individual Voluntary Agreement within the past 6 years.