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£1500 loans

If you're an existing Morses Club customer a £1500 loan could be helpful should you feel you need it.

Please note that if you increase your borrowing, you may be extending the terms of your debt and increase the total amount you repay.

Your £1500 loan

Paying back over 26 weeks 39 weeks
Interest rate of the loan 92.00% 99.00%
APR 1590.93% 615.70%
Finance charge £1380.00 £1485.00
Repay per week £110.77 £76.54
Total to repay £2880.00 £2985.00

*New customers are eligible for loans between £200 to £750, and existing customers are eligible for loans between £100 and £1500

£1500 loans to your doorstep

Applying for a loan can feel daunting for some people, that's why at Morses Club we like to keep things straightforward. If you're an existing customer, you could apply for another loan between £100 and £1500 to help you out if you need it.

£1500 loan form Morses Club

£1500 loans for existing customers

Borrowing a large amount of money can be tricky especially if you have a bad credit score. However, if you have taken out a loan from us before and proved reliable with your repayments you may be able to borrow between £100 to £1500. This is subject to an affordability assessment as we need to make sure the payments are affordable.

If you do want to borrow more money, please speak to your Customer Support Associate. They can talk you through what options are available to you. You can also log into the Morses Club Customer App to check if you're eligible for another loan.

Quicker £1500 loan applications

You may also benefit from a quicker loan application if you are an existing customer. We will already have your details, and your Customer Support Associate can advise you on how much money you might be able to borrow following an affordability assessment.

£1500 loan FAQ’s

Are your £1500 loans from a direct lender?

Morses Club is a direct lender not a broker, from start to finish you will only deal with us.

Do you offer £1500 payday loans?

No, Morses Club only provides £1500 doorstep loans. Unlike a payday loan, your repayments will be made in smaller weekly amounts rather than one lump sum.

Can I get a £1500 loan with no credit check?

Here at Morses Club we take responsible lending seriously. This is why we carry out a credit check on every applicant to make sure a £1500 loan is suitable for your circumstances.

Can I get a £1500 loan for bad credit from Morses Club?

We consider several factors before making a lending decision, so you could still be approved for a £1500 loan if you have a bad credit history.

If you have any more questions please see our FAQs section, speak to your Customer Support Associate or contact our Customer Services and we will be happy to help.