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Loan calculator

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I'd like to borrow...
Paying back over...
Repay... £20.00 per week
Interest rate 70% APR 466.37% Finance charge £280.00 Total to repay £680.00
Repay... £20.00 per week
Total to repay £680.00
Existing customers can borrow up to £1500 subject to approval.

Find out how much you’ll pay back over the course of your loan with the help of our loan calculator.

Choose how much you want to borrow and for how long to see a full breakdown of all the costs. Once you’ve chosen a loan period, you’ll be able to see your fixed interest rate, the amount of each repayment and the final overall costs. So, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll repay from the start with no hidden charges along the way.

Loan periods start at 22 weeks with a 34-week option available for new customers and a further 53-week loan option for our existing customers. You’ll be able to work out the best arrangement for you with your local agent when you apply.

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