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How it works

At Morses Club we try to keep our loans simple.

To make taking out a loan with us clear and straightforward we have put together some information to help you manage your loan.

Applying for a loan can seem daunting, so we've put together this handy step by step guide on how to apply to help you. While the initial application process is online, Morses Club loans offer a personal service where you have the option to deal with your Customer Support Associate face-to-face or manage and track your loan via the Customer App. Knowing how our application process works should make it simpler for you.

We've also included some guidelines on how to manage your loan correctly. Your Customer Support Associate will go through all this with you in person, but if you need a reminder you can find all the useful tips and hints here.

Because we're a responsible lender we've also included some information on doorstep loans, so you can do some research and see if this loan is right for you. There's also a borrowing guide that details a bit more about our interest and charges. This way you know upfront exactly what your loan will cost.

Can't find what you're looking for? Then take a look at our FAQs for answers to any specific questions you may have, or if you're a little confused about any of the terms that we use, try our jargon buster.

Our loan guides are there to help you decide what kind of loan is right for you, and our loan calculator will show you what your repayments will be on any of our loans.

For any other questions about how it works, please feel free to give us a call!