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Christmas savings survey

The most wonderful expensive time of the year?

Christmas for many can be the most expensive time of the year, with so much to think about, from planning the Christmas meal to spending time with your loved ones.

With Christmas just around the corner, we carried out a Christmas Savings survey on our Facebook page, to see how people prepare for it. We’ve discovered 26% of people have already taken on extra work to help them cover the costs of Christmas this year. We also seem to be going ‘green’ this Christmas, as 94% of you are also opting to be eco-friendlier this year by using an artificial tree rather than a real one.

You can view the results in our infographic below.

Morses Club Putting you first. Christmas Saving Survey Budgeting for Christmas: 33% will pay for Christmas expenses with credit cards or loans. 47% will pay for their Christmas with savings. 68% spend more than they budget for. 85% of people plan their Christmas budget. Saving Hacks: What ways of saving are people likely to try? 24% will make a 'no gifts' pack with friends and family. 35% will wait for a sale to buy Christmas gifts and decorations. 38% would consider making gifts to save money. 39% would consider buying joint presents. 50% are likely to shop for gifts on ebay or Gumtree to save money. 51% look for voucher deals online. 71% are unlikely to hold a Secret Santa scheme to reduce costs. Feeling the Christmas Crunch: 26% have taken on extra work to help cover Christmas costs. 36% worry about the costs of Christmas. Green Christmas: How likely are people to choose more eco-friendly options for Christmas? 11% are likely to have a vegan Christmas. 39% of people plan on sending electronic Christmas cards. 77% will re-use Christmas decorations this year. 94% plan to have an artificial Christmas tree this year. Source: Research conducted by Morses Club in September 2019, based on 1775 responses from people in the UK.