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What Does Your Favourite Colour Mean?

Wed 02 August 2017

What Does Your Favourite Colour Mean?

We all have a favourite colour, but is the colour we choose telling people something about our personalities? Some people think there is a link, so we thought we’d take a look and see if there’s any truth in it.

Find your colour below and see if matches your personality.

Red – You’re bold and confident, with lots of energy for pursuing your dreams and goals. You don’t mind standing out and being the centre of attention, either.

Blue – You’re calm and collected, and people look to you for stability in times of crisis. You also good at disappearing into your own thoughts even in hectic situations.

Yellow – You are optimistic and idealistic, and always seeking happiness. You also like to learn new things, and brighten other people’s day with your cheerfulness.

Green – You’re loyal and consistent, and like things to be stable and reliable. Feeling secure is very important to you, as well as what others think of you.

Purple – You are creative and artistic, and often think about the wider meaning of life and existence. You’re prone to being spiritual and compassionate, and often deeply feel other people’s experiences.

Pink – You are loving and sensitive, and always nurturing others. You’re known for being sweet and charming, and maybe also a bit child-like and naïve.

Black – You’re sophisticated and complicated, and like to think you have a realistic view of the world. You have a strong will and can sometimes be demanding, but can also be very sensitive.

Gold – You love to show off and have everyone notice you, shining like your favourite colour. You’re charismatic and confident, but also very genuine, valuing quality over quantity.

Brown – You’re dependable and reliable, and like other things to be the same. You go out of your way to be a good friend, and you don’t value flashiness or showing off.