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Tropical Birds- What you need to know

Fri 09 October 2015

Tropical Birds- What you need to know

Tropical Birds

Things you need to know

  • Budgies are a good option when for a first time bird owner, especially young birds
  • Getting 2 birds is a good idea as they can keep each other company, but a male and female may breed; and two males generally get on better than two females
  • Budgies can live between 5 and 8 years


  • Ongoing expenses of roughly £8 a week for a small bird (large birds are more expensive)
  • Average lifetime cost of £6.2k

Dieti & Exercise

  • Pelleted foods are recommended, as they contain the right nutrients in the correct amount
  • Budgies need some cuttlefish or a mineral block in their cage as it’s an important source of calcium
  • Exercise is one of the main ingredients to keeping your budgie happy and healthy
  • If you let them out of their cage ensure that you check for any possible hazards so that they can fly safely

Lifestyle Match

  • Budgies are a good match for both people who are out a lot and those who spend a lot of time at home
  • Birds need to be able to fly, so you would ideally need a large room in which to keep them

Maintenance Level

  • Low – Birds require little maintenance
  • Owning a bird can be relatively simple, however having the right cage and living environment is important
Tropical Birds- What you need to know