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Treat your teacher this Christmas!

Mon 05 December 2016

Treat your teacher this Christmas!

It’s the time of year that our children, and their teachers are looking forward to some well-deserved time off, and there’s no better way of saying ‘thank-you’ to your favourite tutor than with a special Christmas gift.

Here are our top teacher gifting ideas, perfect to thank them for their hard work this year. 


An essential part of a teacher’s job is to be organised, so getting them a freshly paged notebook with a bright and pretty cover will make their lesson planning a little more fun. 

Personalised Pen

Like their students, teachers can never have enough stationary and a quality pen is an important tool they’ll use every day. Get creative by personalising a pen with their name or finding a cool colour or pattern that they’ll be proud to put in their pen pot. 

Plaque or Desk Gadget

Boost your teacher’s ego by showing them just how great they really are. Let them boast that they are the kids’ favourite teacher with a plaque that showcases and inspirational quote. For a more subtle gift, treat them to a desk buddy in the form of a toy or gadget to personalise and brighten up their desk.

Coffee Plant

Coffee is the fuel of any early morning starter and can be liquid gold to teachers. Make sure they’re well stocked with a ‘grow your own’ coffee plant for a quirky twist on the usual desk plant.

If their teacher isn’t a coffee fanatic, a simple desk or classroom can be an understated way of freshening up the their classroom space. 

Canvas Tote Bag

Books piled as high as the ceiling, handfuls of stationary, and armfuls of folders can be easily managed by popping them in a lovely canvas tote bag. 

Box of Chocolates 

A good old traditional treat is a fool proof box of choccies, which makes a great start to their Christmas feast.