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Top Job Interview Tips

Wed 15 October 2014

Job Interview Tips

If you’re in a panic about an upcoming job interview, these hints will help you to impress any prospective employer, and deal with all those typical interview questions:

Do your homework

The best thing you can do to prepare for an interview is to research the company and position you’re applying for as thoroughly as possible. The interviewer is certain to ask specific questions about the role, so you need to find out as much as much as possible beforehand. Check what the company is up to at the moment, as well as how it’s progressed in the last few years. If you can, find out how existing employees have progressed to get an idea of the career path available to you within the business.

Prepare your answers

While you can’t predict exactly what your interviewer will ask, there are some standard questions that are likely to crop up, such as ‘tell me about yourself’ and ‘why do you want to work here?’ When talking about yourself keep your answer fairly brief and just touch upon your biggest achievements and qualifications. When asked that typical question of why you want the job, focus on one or two areas, such as the culture of the company or its successes. If you’re asked to identify your weaknesses, on no account say ‘I have no weaknesses’, or ‘I work too hard’, as any interviewer will see through such answers in a second. Pick something realistic that you’re are taking steps to improve, such as learning new IT skills.

Look the part

Even though we all know you shouldn’t judge by appearance, that’s inevitably what happens when you walk into an interview. Though it’s not always necessary to go overly formal for every interview, it’s always best to stay on the smarter side. Make sure your clothes are neat and ironed, and that they fit properly, and keep accessories to a minimum. Polish your shoes too – those are the sort of details that an interviewer will pick up on and interpret (unfairly or not) as an indication of your general attitude.

Be yourself

Remember that they want to know what you’re like as a person as well as a potential employee. Talk about your hobbies and interests where possible and give the interviewer an impression of your character. Stay relaxed and calm, and make frequent eye-contact, and make a conscious effort to not fiddle or fidget. Your body language will send out signals just as much as your appearance, so make the effort to appear interested and attentive.

Ask questions

This is really important part of the interview. Asking about the role demonstrates your interest and allows you to find out more about the job. Think of around four or five questions to ask at the end of the interview, such as the opportunities for training, promotion and progression, what the work culture is like, and how performance/success is measured. Remember that an interview is a dialogue; make use of the opportunity to ask questions to find out if the role is right for you too.

Remember to make sure that your CV is up to scratch too, otherwise you could end up never needing to bear this tips in mind!

These steps won’t guarantee that you will pass the interview but should improve your chances of making a great impression. Gainful employment with a regular income makes it easier to budget your money and save for emergencies.

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