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The X Factor

Wed 19 October 2016

The X Factor

With the highly anticipated return of The X Factor already fully in swing we want to remind you of the greatest moments all ready to have taken place on hit the show that really have brought tears to our eyes whether that be good or bad!

1. One Direction’s First Performance Together 


Who would have thought one of the biggest boy band in the world would have come from a talent show? But the superstars that are One Direction came together in judges houses to forge the band they are today.

2. Rylan Clarke’s Emotional Rollercoaster


The greatest performance of all time on The X Factor without actually singing! With a reaction more fitting of a West End Stage who can forget Rylan’s wonderful reaction to finding out about getting through to live shows.

3. Wagner’s Bongo


One of most talked about contest was Wagner, with his eccentric look and niche style of music, it was easy to see why the public loved to vote for him.

This performance was one of the strangest seen on the X Factor but never forgotten.

4. Beyoncé Arrives


When Alexandra Burke was fighting to win the show in 2008 she gave herself the best possible chance by bring out one the biggest super stars in the world! The powerful performance blew away the crowd and won Burke the show. 

5. Jedward featuring Calvin Harris


Who could forgot the mischievous twins from Ireland, never has an act spilt the public more but they will go down in X factor history for there out of time dance moves and questionable vocals. The act had supporting role from Calvin Harris in the above clip which caused huge confusion to the public. 

With so many great memories and so many more that haven’t made this list it’s no wonder there’s excitement with the return of the show and everyone looking out for unforgettable moments of this year.