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Return of the Premier League

Wed 09 August 2017

Return of the Premier League

Football fans rejoice! The Premier League will be back on our tellies in August, with Chelsea defending their title against the top teams in the country. To celebrate kick off, we’ve chosen some of the most memorable moments from past Premier League seasons.

Leicester City’s 2015/16 victory

It’s been called the greatest sporting upset ever, as Leicester City went into the season expecting to be relegated and came out champions. Naturally the bookies weren’t too pleased to be paying out against such odds when they won!

David Beckham’s goal against Wimbledon

One of the most memorable goals of any season was Beckham’s score from the halfway line in 1996. Just 21 at the time, he showed us the skills and poise that would rocket him to stardom over the next few years.

Wayne Rooney’s goal against Arsenal

At just 16, Wayne Rooney ended Arsenal’s 30-match unbeaten run with a blistering goal. He expertly sent the ball spinning past David Seaman within just 10 minutes of walking onto the pitch – and just 28 seconds from the end.

Luis Suarez’s big bite

One of the most shocking football moments was Luis Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic in a match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Though not clear when it happened, the replays revealed what the Uruguayan player had done in a moment of apparent rage.

Eric Cantona attacks a fan

Another moment of surprising violence was when Eric Cantona lashed out at a fan with a ferocious kick. His emotions were high after being sent off, and this behaviour saw him sent off even further with a nine-month ban.

Manchester United vs Manchester City

2012 gave us one of the most dramatic Premier League finals ever, with United expecting to win so long as City drew with QPR. In the end, Manchester City won the title with a last minute goal from Sergio Agüero.

Delia Smith tries to rouse Norwich

One of the Premier League’s more unusual moments was in half time during a Norwich vs Manchester City game when Norwich co-owner and iconic TV chef Delia Smith took to the pitch to try and get the fans going. Sadly it didn’t help, as Norwich went on to relegation.  


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