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Pumpkin carving tips

Wed 18 October 2017

Pumpkin carving tips

It’s that time of year again – costumes, sweets and scary films are everywhere, and it just doesn’t feel like Halloween until you’ve had a go at carving a pumpkin.

It’s a great activity for the whole family to get involved with – here are some top tips to make sure your pumpkin is the spookiest yet!

Choose your pumpkin wisely

BBC Good food recommends choosing your pumpkin well based on the design you’re going for.  So if you’re going for a witch design, try looking for one with lots of lumps and lines to look like the wrinkles in the witches face.  Just generally, taking a bit of time to choose your pumpkin and get a fresh one is always a good idea, so they’re easier to carve.

Super scooping

Before you begin carving, you need to scoop all of the inside out of the pumpkin – the more you scoop out, the more light you’ll get coming through and the easier it will be to carve.  This can be messy work, so a top tip for this is to use an ice cream scoop rather than a spoon; it can make much easier work of it!


If you’re not sure what design to do or you’re not a confident carver, try using templates to help you out.  This great kit from amazon not only gives you 16 different stencils to choose from, it gives you some kid-friendly tools to use to make sculpting your pumpkin a bit easier.  If you’re fairly new to pumpkin carving be sure to choose a fairly simple design for your first attempt, remember - it’s meant to be fun!

Get artistic

There are loads of ways you can add to your carving and make it look great.  For example, rather than cutting all the way through your pumpkin to create a hole, you can create some great designs by “shaving” parts of it – in other words just removing some of the skin.  This means that the light will shine through differently in different parts which will create some brilliant depth and can create some really artistic designs.

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