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Outdoor Activities For The Bank Holiday

Wed 17 May 2017

Outdoor Activities For The Bank Holiday

It might be hit and miss but when the weather’s nice on a bank holiday weekend in the UK, there really is no better place to be!

To help you make the most of your upcoming long weekend, we’ve put together some tips and suggestions of things you might enjoy doing with your family and friends.

Get Active

Gather your friends, family and neighbours together and have a mammoth game of rounder’s, football or rugby – whatever you fancy.  Think old school PE games and you’ll be surprised at how many people are game for taking part.  Whether it’s in someone’s garden or in a local park it’s a great way to bring people together and it’s absolutely free!  Both kids and adults will love it – and it will definitely bring out a competitive side to people.

Have a BBQ

It’s an obvious one but a good one – dust off the BBQ and make the most of the weather by cooking and eating outside.  It’s a good time of year to buy your BBQ stuff – from coal to food – because most supermarkets are starting their summer offers, so you’re likely to find some bargains.  Whether you invite a crowd and ask them all to bring something or just keep it small, it’s a great bank holiday pastime.

Head to the seaside

If you can deal with the crowds why not head over to the great British seaside for a walk on the beach, fish and chips and a game of crazy golf.  You could even take a picnic and set up a spot on the beach to keep the day even more budget-friendly.  The water might be a bit chilly so it’s up to you if you’re brave enough to go for a dip, but there’s nothing like a good dose of sea air to blow the cobwebs away.

Get out in the garden

A long weekend in the spring is the perfect excuse to get out in your garden.  Get the whole family involved with a trip to the garden centre; let everyone pick some plants, flowers or shrubs that they like, then get cracking! Whether you’ve got a balcony with a few pots or a huge lawn – there’s nothing better than sitting outside and admiring your handiwork with a drink (it is a bank holiday after all!)