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New Year’s Eve on a budget

Fri 22 December 2017

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New Year’s Eve – one of the biggest nights of the year and a time for celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. Whether you’re having a party, heading out or going to someone’s house, the cost can soon rack up! Here are some ideas on how to have fun without breaking the bank.

Plan your transport ahead

The price of taxis adds extra cost to your evening plans, and often it’s something people forget to allow for.  So, if you’re heading to a party or into town with a group of friends or family, why not choose a designated driver to cut down on costs.  Then, rather than spending a fortune, you can all just chip in a little for petrol.  If no-ones up for driving, then try to book your taxis ahead for a fixed price to stop you paying a higher than usual taxi fare on one of the busiest nights of the year.

What’s your tipple?

If you’re heading to a party and are planning to have a few drinks, think about who is going to be there and whether anyone likes the same drink as you.  If they do, why not ask if they want to split the cost of a bottle, or each bring something to share?  It will keep your costs down, mean you have a drinking buddy for the evening and might also save you from a headache the next day - you might drink slower if you know you’re sharing.

Planning makes perfect

If you’re heading out for the night, do some research before you go.  A lot of places charge entrance fees on New Year’s Eve so the last thing you want to do is bounce from place to place and pay to get in each time.  Think about where you want to go, how many of you are going and what time things start.  You might even want to buy tickets for some places in advance - and if you do that you’ll sometimes get a drink included with the price. Either way, having a plan can save you a few quid and stop you wandering around in the cold unnecessarily and missing out on all the fun.

Ask people to chip in

If you’re having a party, don’t be afraid to ask people for contributions.  People will generally bring a bottle with them, but if you’re buying food and decorations for everyone it can be pricey.  Why not ask each person/couple to bring one dish with them or alternatively to bring something like paper plates or cups?  You’d be surprised how much it can cut down the costs if everyone brings a little something.  Another tip is to try and buy occasion-neutral decorations when you have a party, as then you can save them and reuse them for other parties or events.

New years eve is one of the biggest parties of the year, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. We hope that we’ve given you some useful suggestions for keeping costs down this year.

At Morses Club, we understand that you can’t always plan ahead for sudden costs when they do make doing the things we enjoy, that little bit harder. We could be able to help with a small cash loan to cover those little emergencies when they happen. If you would like to learn more, visit our about us page for information or apply now.

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