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National Safety Month

Wed 19 July 2017

National Safety Month

National Safety Month is all about promoting safe homes and work places, making life safer for all of us. This could be safety from would-be intruders, keeping windows and doors secure, or safety for children from accidents and injury.

We’ve put together some tips on how to make your home safer and more secure.

Child Safety

The cupboard under the sink - Keeping young kids away from all the chemicals under the sink can be tricky when you have nowhere else to keep them. Use plastic boxes with secure lids to keep little hands off dangerous bottes and sprays.

Power bars – Plastic boxes also come in very handy for keeping extension cables and power bars safely away from children and pets. Just drill a hole for the cables in one side of a box with a secure lid, and put the power bar inside.

Tall furniture – One of the most important things you can do to keep young – and older – kids safe is to secure all furniture to the wall with brackets. This removes the risk of anything tipping over or things falling off high shelves if a bookcase is knocked or mistaken for a climbing wall.

Home Security

Secure spare keys – Keeping a spare key outside in case of emergencies is a good idea, but it can also be very unsafe. Get yourself a lockbox with a keycode to keep it safe. They’re cheap to buy, and can be hidden somewhere out of sight.

Lock gardens sheds – You might think it’s not worth securing your shed because there’s nothing worth taking, but thieves could raid them for tools to get into your house. Lock everything away securely.

Keep keys out of sight – Even if your window or glass door is locked, keeping the key in view makes it much less secure. Keep keys elsewhere and out of sight. The same goes for car keys, as thieves will happily make off with your car if they’re left within easy reach.