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National Milk Chocolate Day

Thu 27 July 2017

National Milk Chocolate Day

July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day, celebrating the nation’s favourite treat. This type of chocolate bar was invented back in 1875 in Switzerland, and introduced to the UK by Cadbury in 1905. Cadbury Dairy Milk is still the UK’s best-selling chocolate bar to this day.

To celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular chocolate bars that have sadly left our shelves. Which would you want to come back?

Cadbury Dream

While the Dairy Milk bar had been around for decades, this short-lived white chocolate version wasn’t quite as popular.

Kit Kat Senses     

As advertised by Girls Aloud, Kit Kat Senses were light and crispy, and not unlike the modern Kinder Bueno. What did Kinder do that Kit Kat didn’t?

Cadbury Aztec

One from the 70s, this chocolate bar featured a caramel and nougat centre. The nearest modern equivalent would probably be the iconic Mars bar.

Wispa Mint   

Wispas are still very much alive and well on shop shelves, but the Wispa Mint sadly hasn’t made it back onto the market.

Flake Snow

Originally called a Snow Flake as you’d expect, this white version of the iconic bar featured the ‘Dream’ filling, but disappeared from shelves in 2008.

Kit Kat Caramac

Another lost version of the Kit Kat, this collaboration with Caramac created something special and delicious, but was sadly a limited edition.


Much like the beloved Freddo, the Taz bar was cheap and delicious, and could be bought for a mere 10p back in the day. Freddo was the only one to survive to today, however.


You’ll probably remember the advert for this one more than the chocolate itself. ‘I want a Trio and I want one now!’


Marketed as a classier sort of chocolate bar back in the 80s, the Secret had a core of chocolate mousse inside a thick coat of milk chocolate. 

National Milk Chocolate Day