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National Dog Day

Wed 30 August 2017

National Dog Day

26th August is National Dog Day, a day dedicated to our favourite furry friends. Dogs have always been near the top of the list for most popular pet and we love to care for them, and are still as popular as ever in the UK. To celebrate National Dog Day, we thought we’d take a look at some of the current most popular dog breeds.

1. Labrador Retriever

This breed has been the number one in the UK for nearly 30 years. Known for their friendliness and gentleness, they’re the favourite breed for disability assistance training. Anyone who owns a Labrador will also be familiar with their enthusiastic appetite.

View: http://gph.is/2aXcZ4v

2. Cocker Spaniel

A favourite at Crufts dog show, winning more ‘Best in Show’ titles than any other breed, the cocker spaniel has been around for a long time. They were originally used as gun dogs in hunting, making them very energetic, and so require lots of exercise and playtime.

View: http://gph.is/2cXCd3

3. French Bulldog

Set to become the UK’s most popular breed next year, the French bulldog has rapidly shot to fame thanks to celebrity endorsement on social media. Liked for their adorable appearance and manageable size, unfortunately this breed is also prone to many health problems and so needs knowledgeable owners

View: http://gph.is/2axudlj

4. Pug

Before the French bulldog became the top squashed-nose dog of choice, the pug was first in line for owners seeking cuteness, with their short chunky bodies and entertaining nature. However, much like their big-eared cousins, the pug is prone to breathing problems.

View: http://gph.is/1qBxRel

5. Springer Spaniel

The second most popular spaniel in the list, the springer is another gun dog variety that’s full of energy and affection. This makes them an excellent choice for families with lively children, as they can run and play for hours without tiring.

View: http://gph.is/28MkObG

6. Bulldog

The British bulldog has been a national symbol for decades, particularly in WW2 when it was likened to Winston Churchill for his determination and pluck. Bulldogs are known for their courage, but are also gentle and patient, making them loyal and affectionate family pets.

View: http://gph.is/2dclHN4

7. German Shepherd

Intelligent, loyal, and fearless, the German shepherd is a favourite for service in police forces and militaries around the world. They’re also playful and energetic, and make great family dogs, though as a large dog they do need plenty of exercise.

View: http://gph.is/2d5MQBt

8. Golden Retriever

Another intelligent breed that’s fantastic with people, often used in search and rescue roles, or as an assistant to disabled people. They’re also known for their love of water, bounding into lakes and rivers, or running into the surf to fetch sticks on the beach.

View: http://gph.is/2u4Wpaa