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Mother's Day on a Budget

Thu 09 March 2017

Mother's Day on a Budget

Mother's Day is Sunday 26th March this year, the day when we can show our mums just how much we appreciate everything they do. Naturally we all want to find the perfect gift and give them a special day, but things can very easily get expensive. 

But don’t worry, as we’ve got some great tips on how to do Mother's Day on a budget. 

Make your own gift 

Shops tend to cash in on Mother's Day, offering all sorts of lovely gift ideas but they can come with an appropriately hefty price tag. Why not think more sentimental and unique, and create something from scratch. You could have a go at doing a painting, or bake her favourite biscuits or some cupcakes. Whatever it is, she’ll love that you put thought into making something rather than just picking something off a shelf. 

Take her out for the day 

What most mothers want on Mother’s Day is to spend quality time with their children, especially if they’re grown up and have long flown the nest. Arrange a day out somewhere that she’d like, whether that’s a country ramble, a visit to a stately home, or a shopping trip to a big city or a seaside town. Simply making time to spend with your mum somewhere enjoyable is one of the best gifts you can give.  

Cook dinner 

Restaurants quickly fill up with Mother’s Day bookings, and eating out can be expensive at the best of times. Make your Mother’s Day dinner that bit more special by cooking it yourself. You can push the boat out by setting up the table, with a tablecloth and napkins, and some fresh flowers or candles to create a bit of atmosphere. 

Let her put her feet up

Most of us have got a list of household jobs that need doing, especially bigger jobs that we keep putting off. Give your mum some time to relax while you do some jobs for her round the house. Paint that room that she’s been wanting to decorate, or clean out and defrost the fridge – anything that would make her life a little easier.