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Morses Mum: Winter Suvival Guide

Wed 15 November 2017

Morses Mum: Winter Suvival Guide

During the colder months it’s easy to end up spending too much time indoors. The kids don’t want to go out in the cold, and there’s plenty of entertainment to be had inside with TV and videogames. This isn’t great for staying fit and active, of course.

To help keep the family healthy and active over the winter period, take a look at our guide.

Family walk

One of the best ways to get everyone moving is to plan a regular family walk. Just wrap up warm and take a hot drink in a thermos. It could just be down the street or to the local park, but doing it together helps to encourage everyone. Make it a regular event so no one makes other plans.

Indoor activities

There are plenty of ways to enjoy active fun indoors, such as a bowling alley, a skating rink, or a swimming pool. You could find regular weekly classes for your kids, or just pop along at the weekend when it’s too cold and rainy to walk or play outdoors.

Play active videogames

Switching on the games console doesn’t have to be a bad thing when you play an active game. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox Kinect have games that get you up off the sofa and moving around. You can even get personal trainer and exercise games.

Indoor playgrounds

For younger kids, an indoor soft play space can be fantastic in winter. The kids love going and jumping and running about, and it’s a safe and controlled environment, often with food and drink facilities at hand. It also gives the adults a chance for a break!   

Keeping active with a cold

Let’s face it – everyone gets the sniffles at some point over the cold weather. It’s fine to stay active when you have a cold, as long as you feel generally okay. However, if you really feel rotten or you have a fever, you should stay indoors and rest. Exercising when you have a fever will likely make you feel worse, and can even be dangerous, so you have a good excuse to stay wrapped up in the warm.