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Look for Used

Wed 12 April 2017

Look for Used

Vintage, upcycling, pre-loved – whatever you want to call it, second hand has become very fashionable. This means it’s easier to find fantastic used items to give a new life to, from home furniture to clothes, to children’s toys. But where are the best places to find fantastic second hand bargains?

Vintage shops

Second hand clothes seem to have become more fashionable recently, though they’re often rebranded as vintage. You’ll find a good selection of vintage clothes shops in most cities these days, and they can be a great place to find good value and more unique clothes. Charity shops have also caught onto this trend, and tend to make more of an effort with their clothing sections. This can sometimes mean they put their prices up, but on the upside you are more likely to find nicer clothes.


Ebay was once the only place to find second hand goods, but there is a lot more choice these days. It’s still a good place to check, but there are many other sites where you can find incredibly good value household items and furniture, often for nothing at all.

Preloved is a great place to find bargains, from furniture to toys, as well as items that are completely free. Simply select your area to see what’s around.

Gumtree covers pretty much anything you could want, including houses, jobs, and pets, and is a good place to find local second hand items for sale. If you keep an eye on what's around you can find some real bargains and some great new additions for your home.

Refurbs and Auctions

One of the best places to find furniture is at your local refurb or auction warehouse. You can find some amazing furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new, and it’s likely to last you a lot longer. Second hand furniture specialists often take donated goods as well as source furniture from retailers which they sell at a reduced price.

Just search online or check your local papers to see what’s in your area.

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