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How to Save on Heating Bills this Winter

Wed 03 December 2014

How to Save on Heating Bills

Some weather forecasters are already predicting we could be heading for a very cold winter – so it makes sense to get ready by doing everything you can to cut the cost of keeping your home warm through the big chill. Our handy guide will give you a few tips and point you in the direction of some possible grants that could help to make you more energy efficient too.

1. Look for the best energy deal

The first, and easiest, way you could cut your heating costs will be to check that you’re on the very best deal. Visit www.uswitch.com/ and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to see who the cheapest supplier in your area is. But remember, if you’re currently on a fixed price deal there may be a penalty charge for moving supplier so you should take that into account when you’re seeing if switching is worth your while.

2. Keep the heat in

When you’re spending money to keep your home warm the last thing you want is for that heat to escape out of the door or windows or even through the ceiling. But a few simple steps can help to insulate your home.

A good start is to make sure all your curtains are closed as soon as it starts to get dark as windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss in any home. Another way to stop heat from escaping through windows is to use the secondary glazing film that’s available from DIY stores. You simply stick it over the internal window frame and heat it with a hairdryer to create an economical, airtight and draught-proof seal.

By keeping doors closed and investing in a few draught excluders to block the gap at the bottom it will also help to keep the heat in.

3. Insulate your loft and cavity walls

If you have a loft or cavity walls, insulation can make a big difference, and there may even be grants available from your local council or the government to help meet the cost. You can find out more about insulation grants at https://www.gov.uk/energy-grants-calculator.

4. Try not to heat empty rooms

Radiators with thermostatic valves are easy to turn off in the rooms that you don’t use very much. And if you tend to just use one room during the day or evening it can work out cheaper to use a single heater for that room – oil-filled radiators are often the most economical but try to avoid electric fan heaters because they can be very expensive to run.

Also, by setting your central heating timer to switch off a few minutes before you go to bed each night it will save you from heating your home when you’re tucked up under the covers.

5. Make sure your boiler’s running efficiently

Last, but not least, it’s important to have your boiler serviced regularly by a registered gas fitter. It won’t just make sure that it’s working to maximum efficiency, it’s also very important for your safety too.

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