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How to make your own Easter Eggs

Tue 29 March 2016

How to make your own Easter Eggs

Supermarkets may have had Easter Eggs on the shelves since before Valentine’s Day but now Easter is officially round the corner.  It’s a time for seeing family, visiting loved ones and (more often than not) eating a lot of chocolate.

If you find yourself spending more money than you’d like on Easter Eggs each year, then why not have a go at making your own? It’s a fun activity for the whole family to get involved with and, once you’ve got the equipment to do it, you might save yourself a bit of money.

First thing you’ll need are some egg moulds – you can buy these fairly cheaply from places like Amazon or Lakeland, but most kitchen shops should stock these.

The moulds are the only things you really need, the rest is all about presentation and that’s all up to you!  If you want to pipe patterns on to your eggs, a piping kit will come in handy and you might also find a pastry brush useful, to make sure that each mould is evenly coated, but these are optional.

There are lots of different egg recipes out there but the main ingredient is – surprise surprise – chocolate.  Milk, white, dark, whatever you prefer – they’ll all work!  You might want sweets, chocolate buttons or icing for decoration, but this will depend on the recipe you follow and what you fancy.

A couple of recipes to get you started are a straightforward chocolate Easter egg, this cute chocolate button egg or these impressive looking stripy eggs.

Exact timings will depend on the recipe you use but the process of making Easter eggs can be fairly lengthy as you’ll need to temper (melt) your chocolate and cover the moulds several times to build up a good layer.  Patience is worth it though and your chocolate eggs will taste even better than normal knowing the effort you’ve put in.

They’re a thoughtful gift to give out to your family and friends who are sure to appreciate the effort you’ve put in!  

Taking time on the presentation of your eggs will make all the difference too – take a look at Pinterest for some ideas on how to make your edible masterpieces look even better.