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How to handle the first day at your new job

Wed 13 March 2019

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Congratulations! You’ve got a new job. The next step is making a great first impression on your new colleagues and showing your boss why they made the right decision when they hired you. Here are some top tips for how to handle the first day in your new job.

Dress appropriately

Hopefully, you will have been told what the dress code is or have gained a sense of what’s appropriate during the interview process. However, if you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to stick to something smart and simple. Don’t wear anything too outrageous until you have a better sense of what is acceptable.

Plan your route and arrive early

Work out in advance the best route to get to work and how long it will take. If you are driving, it might take you longer in rush hour traffic than when you went for your interview. If you are using public transport, ensure you pick a train or bus that arrives in plenty of time and account for the time it takes to walk from the station or bus stop to your place of work. Aim to arrive around 10-15 minutes before your start time.

Take notes

You’ll be given a lot of new information on your first day and you might struggle to take it all in. Take a small notepad and a pen so you can make notes. After you have been introduced to someone new, make a note of their name, their job and something to help you remember them. Jot down any important instructions or information you’re given about the role, the building or your colleagues.

Be interested in your new colleagues

Don’t spend the day talking about yourself; instead, find out about your new colleagues. If you take an interest in your new workmates, they’ll warm to you more quickly – just don’t ask anything too personal. If you’re invited to lunch by a colleague, say yes and use the time to get to know them better.

Ask questions and be proactive

Ask lots of questions and ask for help if you don’t understand something. It’s better to ask questions early than pretend you understand something and then not be able to do it when you need to.

Be prepared for anything

Sometimes your first day will be spent learning the basics, other times shadowing people and sometimes just reading lots of training material and the staff handbook. Some companies throw their staff in at the deep end, giving them instructions and then leaving them to it. You need to be prepared for anything and make the most of whatever your first day involves.

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