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Great Stationary Deals

Fri 16 September 2016

Great Stationary Deals

September is a busy time of year for education! The kids go back to school and most college and university courses start in September too.  To help you out over this busy time, we’ve taken a look at some of the top stationary deals around so that you can make sure you’ve got all the equipment you need for a new term.

The works has a lot of great stationary offers on, from pencil cases to novelty highlighters it’s well worth a look.  This school stationary kit is great value at only £1.50 and contains a compass, pencil, eraser, sharpener, protractor and ruler – a good basic set which will see the kids through their lessons. 

For older kids who might have big exams coming up or if you just want a bigger selection this revision set is great.  At £9 rather than £15 it’s a good saving and should last at least a full term if not longer.  

WH Smiths often have great deals on stationery – most recently they offered 3 for 2 on stationery essentials such as Notepads, revision cards and folders.  The offers might not be on all the time but it’s always worth having a look online or in store if you’re after several bits at once.  There’s also a great range of products here so whatever you’re after there’s a good chance they’ll have it.

Whether you’re looking for stationery for your office, or to send the kids back to school with Wilkos is always a good place to look – they have a great variety at prices to suit all sorts of budgets.  Their recent half-price sale on stationery had some great items, including this filled pencil case and BIC writing set – take a look at their website to see if these deals are still on and what other great offers they currently have.

It’s always worth looking on sites like Amazon and eBay for good deals too – especially if you’re hoping to buy things in bulk.  Just remember to order in advance as depending on where your items are shopped from it may take a little longer to arrive.  Some of our favourite deals from these sites are this set of 4 pencil cases and this 14 piece stationery set.

If any of the deals mentioned in this post are no longer available, make sure you look around to see what the latest offers are – happy browsing!