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Game of Thrones

Wed 12 July 2017

Game of Thrones

Top 5 Game of Thrones Characters and Their Best Moments

The show that everyone loves is coming back to our screens on 17th July, and it’s safe to say we’re all a bit excited. Season 7 promises to be full of epic encounters and dramatic moments, with events taking place we’ve been building up to for a while. To celebrate its arrival, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Game of Thrones characters and their most amazing moments on screen.

5. Sansa Stark

Sansa starts the show as a young girl whose only ambition is to marry a prince and live happily ever after, which makes her story all the more heart-breaking. She’s been challenged in pretty much every way possible, eventually hardening her character and her resolve not to be a pawn in other people’s games.

She suffers most under the Ramsey Bolton, and when she finally gets to watch him be torn apart by his own dogs after retaking her home at Winterfell, it’s one of the biggest moments of relief and satisfaction in the whole series.

4. Arya Stark

Arya goes on one of the most incredible journeys of any character, and more than anyone has to rely on her own strength and cunning to survive. She’s always focussed on her mission to bring to justice all those who have caused her pain.

One of her most dramatic yet understated moments was her parting with the Hound after his battle with Brienne. He had long been on her list of revenge targets, and when it came to it, she sealed his fate by refusing him the mercy of a swift death.

3. Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons went from being sold as a bride to becoming a queen, freeing slaves and changing the world wherever she goes. Although she values justice and freedom, she doesn’t hesitate to destroy those who betray or cross her.

Her first major victory was when she burned the slave masters of Astapor with dragon fire, securing herself an army. It’s a dramatic and very satisfying moment, and really shows off the power of her dragons.

2. Tyrion Lannister

Probably the cleverest guy in Westeros, Tyrion has to suffer prejudice and resentment from almost everyone he meets, but he knows how to play the game to put himself in positions of power

After having nothing but hate from his father for years, and discovering that the woman he loved was controlled by him, Tyrion took his revenge and shot his father while sat on the toilet.

1. Cersei Lannister

Cersei is pretty much everything what makes Game of Thrones so fantastic. She’s ruthless and power-hungry, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants and protect the few people she cares for. And yet we still can’t help being on her side at times.

Her best moment is one of the most jaw-dropping in the whole series. After a roller coaster of a power struggle and lost loved ones, Cersei decides to solve all her problems in one go by blowing up the Great Sept of Baelor with most of her enemies inside. Sadly this also costs her the life of her last child.