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Free online courses for adults

Wed 27 September 2017

Free online courses for adults

Whether you’ve got a job or you’re looking for a job, it never hurts to set yourself apart from the competition.

One great way of doing this is by taking courses – they help build your skill set and look great to potential employers.  They can also be expensive, so we’ve had a look round for some great free courses that are available online that could help you take the next step in your career.


Futurelearn.com is a website with hundreds of free courses available – whether you want to brush up on your history or science skills or want something more specific to your skill set.

We like the course on offer about how to manage your online identity which covers how to best present yourself online – this can be really important when looking for a job.  You can do the course for free or you can upgrade for a small fee and get a certificate at the end as well as access to tests.

Free courses from the Open University

OpenLearn from the Open University has loads of courses you can sign up for and they’re all free.  They range from beginners courses for people who are just starting out in their field right through to advanced classes for people who might be getting ready to take the next step.  Some are quite role-specific; however some are courses that will help you whatever role you’re in. 

This course focuses on the challenges that come from working in a team environment and how people react to these challenges.  This is applicable to so many areas of work, and could give some valuable hints and tips for working with others.

Personal Health and fitness

If you aren’t confident with computers or just not quite sure how to use the internet to your advantage then this course on Microsoft Digital Literacy might be useful for you.

It’s a free course that takes around 15 hours to complete and will help you get to grips with the different parts of a computer and commonly used programmes as well as how to successfully use the internet and be safe online.   This course also comes with a free certificate on completion.

There are so many courses available online – take a look today and see if you find anything to help you take the next step in your career.

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