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Food that's Great for Freezing

Wed 01 October 2014

Food you can freeze

If you’re sticking to a food budget, there’s nothing more frustrating than discovering something has gone off before you’ve had a chance to use it. Whether it’s fresh vegetables, meat or milk, not keeping an eye on those best before dates can result in some real frustration.

However, you may be surprised at the range of things which you can freeze without changing the taste or quality of the food. Here are some foods that are great for freezing.


If you live alone, you probably see plenty of loaves end up in the bin because you can’t eat them fast enough.

Bread freezes quite well, so simply pop half the loaf into the freezer until you need it. If a loaf has just gone a bit stale, then freeze it straightaway and bring individual pieces out for toast as you need them.


Useful if you've bought too much as part of an offer, butter is fine to freeze as long as you wrap it securely in a sealable polythene bag. You can also split it up into portions so you don’t have to defrost too much in one go.


This is a good option if you’re trying to cut down on your intake of ice cream. Yoghurt pots can go straight in the freezer as they are, and when you want to eat them just let them stand for a few minutes before enjoying a frosty treat.


Fresh hers are one of those items you often see on the discount counter at the supermarket, but you can’t always use them all in one go, and they end up going off very quickly.

You can either wash and dry the herbs as they are, and place them into polythene bags to freeze, or chop them up into ice cube trays and cover with water first.


Making a big portion of soup is a good way to give yourself a supply of ready-made dinners, but obviously they wouldn’t keep fresh for all that long.

Allow the soup to cool thoroughly, and then pour individual portions into strong, sealable polythene bags or plastic containers before putting them in the freezer. Don’t overfill the container though, as the liquid in the soup will expand as it freezes. When you want to use a portion, just let it defrost and put it straight into a pan.