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Festive Days out in the UK

Wed 10 December 2014

Festive Days out in the UK

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat . . . and there are lots of fantastic festive days out to enjoy all round the UK. There are certain to be lots of events to look out for in your area and here are just a few ideas for fabulous Christmas fun near you.


Christmas markets

There’s every kind of Christmas market to enjoy across the UK, from the German themed one in the heart of Leeds to a traditional Victorian celebration in Portsmouth. They’re the perfect place to get into the seasonal spirit as you enjoy a mulled wine or two and shop for some presents that are often a little out of the ordinary. Lots of them also have funfairs nearby so they really are the perfect day out for the whole family. There’s even a great website which can direct you towards your nearest Christmas market and even has details of many in Europe too. Just visit www.christmasmarkets.com


Collect your UK-grown Christmas tree

Artificial trees may be taking over but there’s nothing quite like the smell of a genuine pine in the home – it almost makes having to clear up all the needles worthwhile! And how much better wouldn’t it be if you knew the tree had been grown in a sustainable forest in this country? There may be a farm or nursery near you where you can get one and the Forestry Commission also has a number of centres in its forests where you can go and pick the perfect one for you. You’ll find details at www.forestry.gov.uk/christmas


Panto fun

Everyone loves a panto and come December there are productions up and down the country starring everyone from professional actors and fading soap stars to enthusiastic amateurs. The great thing about them is that you always know what to expect – the shouts of “He’s behind you” and “Oh no it isn’t” as well as the rousing finale and always happy ending. The best place to find out what’s on near you is to check out the local paper, look for the bill posters round where you live or at www.bigpantoguide.co.uk



You really know that Christmas is on its way when your town’s or city’s lights are illuminated for the first time. There’s also usually carol singing, food stalls, a party atmosphere and, if you’re really lucky, a local or national celebrity there to pull the switch. Best of all, you can usually make it a free night out as long as you keep the kids away from the glow stick and balloon sellers!


So there you have it – our guide to festive fun. Whatever you do, and however you’re planning to spend the holidays, everyone here at Morses Club wishes you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.