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Dogs - What you need to know

Wed 16 September 2015

Dogs - What you need to know

There are many important things to consider before you start looking for your first pet - from finding out if you are ready, to discovering the right animal to fit your lifestyle. The below guide should provide an overview of which animal would be most suitable.


Things you need to know

  • Dogs are social animals and need company, otherwise they get lonely. Always make sure someone is at home for at least part of the day1 
  • Dogs have an average lifespan of more than 12 years2


  • Expenses of £25 per week2
  • Average lifetime cost of £15.6K*

Diet  & Exercise

  • Meat based diets are the best choice, especially where it is the main ingredient of the food3
  • Dogs have lots of energy and will need exercise every day – this could be going for a walk or having a good run round the garden1

Lifestyle Match

  • Someone who enjoys getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, and who has lots of spare time to spend with their dog
  • They need walking whatever the weather, so a good raincoat is essential!

Maintenance Level

  • High – Dogs require a lot of attention2
  • Walking, grooming and general care take up lots of time2

[1] We are referring to diets for animals without any particular dietary restrictions or health problems. Diets will also vary depending on the breed of the animal