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DIY Toys for Pets

Fri 01 July 2016

DIY Toys for Pets

If there's one thing we know about pets that is that they love their toys, but they do tend to go through them faster than most owners can keep track! We've put together a few ideas on ways you can take old items from around your house and make them into fun toys for your pets to play with. Please note that as with all toys, think of your pet's safety first and ensure that they are supervised whilst playing with them. 

Rope and Ball

For this you need a strong piece of rope. We have found that cotton rope tends to be cheaper and is more suitable for a toy like this as it’s sturdier then other ropes. 

To make this, you will need to pierce holes straight through the centre of your tennis balls – you can use scissors to do this although if you have a screwdriver or drill it may be easier. Push your rope through the tennis balls and tie a knot to ensure the ball stays in the rope. Attach the second ball and tie a knot into the end of this ball. Once attached, you will have a great new toy for your pet to play with!

Sock and Ball

The simplest DIY toy is the classic sock and ball. For this, you will require one tennis ball and one odd sock. Place the tennis ball inside the sock all the way to the end and then tie a knot in the sock to seal the ball inside. This makes use of any odd socks which you may have whilst also providing your pet with a new toy!

Shoelace and sponge

Shoelaces tend to normally get a reaction from any pets, they like to pull or chew at them. One of the toys you can create with shoelaces is by tying two together and attaching a sponge ball to the end of the string. Your pets will then follow you around the room whilst playfully trying to grab the sponge. This is a particularly good toy as it is easy to replace when damaged. 

Milk Bottle treat toy 

Dogs will love this one, as not only do they get a new toy, they’ll get treats too! Take an old plastic milk bottle – a one or two pint plastic bottle will be big enough for this – and throw away the lid.  Then, take a handful of your dog’s favourite treats and put them inside the bottle.  Your dog will love throwing the bottle around and scratching at it to try and get they treats out – it should keep them entertained for ages.  This toy is probably best used outside just incase anything gets knocked over when they throw the bottle around.