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DIY Easter

Tue 04 April 2017

DIY Easter

The Easter break is a great opportunity for spending time with family, having a break from work, and, of course, enjoying lots of chocolate. The long weekend is also a good opportunity to do some home improvement, as you don’t have to entirely redecorate rooms or make huge changes to make things feel new and refreshed.

Here are our top tips for some easy Easter DIY.


Update your cabinets with some new handles, and completely change the look of your kitchen. Just use knobs or handles that are the same size as your existing ones so you don’t have to drill new holes.
Create a new backsplash with some adhesive wallpaper, or use stencils to paint interesting shapes and patterns to easily give your kitchen a new look.
Blank walls can be made useful and more interesting with some stylish shelving, adding storage space to show off your more decorative kitchen items.

Living Room

Found some wallpaper you love but don’t fancy the cost and the tricky task of hanging it? Buy some cheap frames from any homeware shop and use a single roll of paper to create some beautiful artwork. Use a group of frames with your chosen pattern for the best effect.
A really easy way to change the feel of your living room is to introduce some plant life. Flowers look great, but are expensive to keep replacing. Choose a potted plant that’s easy to look after, and place it in a pot that matches your room décor. Indoor plants can also help to improve the air quality. 


Hanging all your photos of friends and family can get expensive. A cheap and fun way to personalise a bedroom is to hang strings across a wall like a clothesline, and use wooden pegs to attach your photos, cards, or anything you like. You can keep changing it and updating the look throughout the year, keeping it fresh and interesting.
If you want a beautiful place to organise jewellery and perfume bottles, simply put some felt backing on a mirror with a nice frame and reuse it as a tray – perfect for creating an elegant look on a dressing table or on a chest of drawers.