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Christmas Parties - having fun without breaking the bank

Mon 22 December 2014

Christmas Parties - having fun without breaking the bank

From family get-togethers to work dos - Christmas is party season! If you’re throwing a party this year then take a look at our tips on how to have festive fun without spending a fortune.


To make your party feel really festive, you’ll want some Christmas decorations.  Chances are you have some which you use every year to decorate your home so this is a way of keeping your costs down.  If you need new decorations, then take a look at the Christmas shop from the 99p Store which has a fantastic range.  You’ll be able to fill a basket for next to nothing and turn your home into a Christmas Grotto to wow your guests. If you’ve got kids and there are plenty of Arts and Crafts supplies about, why not look at making your own decorations too for a fun and frugal family project. Take a look at Pinterest for some ideas.


A buffet is always a great choice at a Christmas party as people can have as much or as little as they want.  Supermarkets do fantastic offers on party food and snacks so shop around to make the most of these.  Aldi have a special Christmas range and Iceland do a huge range of frozen treats meaning you won’t have to spend all day in the kitchen.  Make sure you don’t get too carried away and buy too much however or you won’t benefit from the offers at all.  Always remember to take your points card with you as well, so that the points from this shop can go towards the price of your family Christmas dinner.  


Drinks are where your money can disappear when it comes to party budgets.  Asking people to bring a bottle is a good idea as it will make sure they have something they like and reduce your costs dramatically.  Supermarket own-brand juices and fizzy drinks often taste no different from branded ones, so you can have a selection of these to choose from.  For an alcoholic option that won’t set you back too much, try making a batch of mulled wine or taking a look at some of the offers Supermarkets have around this time of year.  Christmas is a time of over-indulgence and fun but always remember to drink responsibly.


Christmas songs are a must for a great Christmas party!  You might have some old CDs around the house which have all the classics on, but there are other options which will make sure everyone’s up and dancing. If you have a TV with music channels why not have them on in the background and use this as your music, there’s bound to be a Christmas countdown on at this time of year. Alternatively, if you have a laptop, download Spotify and make the most of being able to stream Christmas playlists for free!

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