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Christmas Hacks

Wed 20 December 2017

Christmas Hacks

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year but preparation can be tough, with this in mind we’ve spoken to some of our favourite bloggers to find out there best Christmas hacks for getting through the festive period.

Bring a Plate

A great suggestion from blogger Mummy’s Diary is to tell your guests to bring their own plate. Now this doesn’t mean that your guest should just turn up with an empty plate and an empty stomach, but should instead cook a delicious item and bring it themselves. This allows for so much more variety on the dinner table and takes the pressure off one individual. However, always be sure to co-ordinate as you don’t want everyone bringing the same food!

Secret Santa

The Pramshedblog suggests setting up a Secret Santa. If you have to buy presents for lots of different people it can be extremely difficult and time consuming finding a gift someone wants. By doing a Secret Santa you can be creative when picking up a gift, and it can also be hugely enjoyable trying to guess who bought for you! All you need to do is put everyone’s name in a hat, pick one and start shopping.

Presence Over Presents

Blogger Inside Laura’s Head came up with the great suggestion of “presence over presents”. The idea is to simply spend time with your friends and family without giving gifts, you could suggest using the money and time on an activity you can all do together, such as a meal or an event. This can have much more meaning than simply buying a gift without thought, the joint experience could be a Christmas memory you all share for a long time.


Aimee Raindrop suggests sending E-cards. A lot of preparation goes into Christmas, so if you don’t have time to buy and write out individual Christmas cards that’s not a problem. E-cards can be sent in emails wishing everyone you know a Merry Christmas without losing a full day when writing them. It’s also a good way to save money, any extras you don’t spend on cards and stamps can be used elsewhere over the festive period.

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