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Cheap and cheerful ways to spruce up your home

Mon 30 March 2015

Cheap and cheerful ways to spruce up your home

Spring is on the way and for many people it's a chance to redecorate or spruce up their home.  While expensive DIY projects aren't always possible or necessary, there are plenty of little things you can do to get your home looking as good as new.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can make everything feel new again.  Clean your windows and let more light into your home, go through your kitchen cupboards and take note of what you’ve got and take any clothes you no longer wear to your local charity shop – a good de-clutter can work wonders.  You can make your own cleaning products if you want to be extra thrifty, or shops like B&M often have better deals than supermarkets on cleaning products if you’d rather buy them.

Buy flowers 

It’s amazing how much a fresh bunch of flowers can brighten up a room.  They look and smell wonderful and make you think of summer and warmer weather.

New soft furnishings

Cushions and throws are fairly cheap items that can change the look and feel of a whole room.  If you’re feeling creative you could have a go at making your own cushion covers, here are some great ideas of the different things you can do.  Making your own is often cheaper, but Ikea has a great range of reasonably priced cushions, as does George.

A lick of paint

Whether you’re painting a whole room or retouching existing paintwork that needs some attention, a lick of paint can really spruce up a room.  How much or little this costs is really dependent on your project but it’s always worth looking at websites like Paint Direct who have a lot of great deals.

Add some wall art

Photo canvases and wall art are a good way of introducing a bit of change into your home.  You can get a range of sizes from small right up to full-wall sized and there’s a picture or a design for every room so whether you want something for bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, you’re bound to find something.  Argos and Amazon are great places to look.

Change the scent

Adding a plug in air freshener or changing the air freshener you use in the room can have a big impact.  Try seasonal smells so that in winter you have a heavier scent and in spring and summer it’s more light and floral; it might not change how the room looks but you will notice a difference.  Most Supermarkets sell a huge range of home fragrance products including branded and non-branded so there’s something to suit every budget.


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