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Back to School Preparation

Wed 23 August 2017

Back to School Preparation

The end of the summer holidays means getting the kids ready for school, and that can mean a big bill. There are new uniforms, bags, pencil cases, and all the latest trends that every kid needs for the new term. If you want some tips on getting them back to school without breaking the bank, take a look below.

School uniform

Uniform can be one of the biggest expenses, so it’s always best to start by checking what still fits and will do for another term. Jumpers and shirts usually last a bit longer, though trousers can very rapidly become too short.

Clothes shops generally have sales on school uniform early in the season, so it pays to be prepared and not leave it to the last minute if you can avoid it.

If you ever get into difficulty with affording uniform, speak to the headteacher of your child’s school to help sort things out. If you live in England, you might also be able to get financial help from your local council.

Pens and pencils

Choosing a new pencil case is an essential part of going back to school if you’re a kid, but as a parent you could try and save some money on other school supplies. As with uniform, check through what’s left over from the last school year and what’s still usable.

If you can, limit what your child chooses for themselves. Give them the task of choosing a new pencil case or bag, but take charge of choosing pens and pencils and other things yourself so you can control costs.

Bulk-buying items from office supply stores can help keep your child in pens, rulers, and erasers for many terms to come, and means you won’t have to go shopping after every school holiday.

Top Tip

Don’t forget to put your child’s name on everything you can, too. Losing jumpers, coats, and bags over a couple of terms can quickly add up, this is also a good opportunity to teach your child responsibility with their items.