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Autumn crafts for kids

Wed 20 September 2017

Autumn crafts for kids

As the weather turns and the kids are cooped up inside, it’s a good idea to have some activities ready to keep boredom at bay.

Craft projects are a great way to keep little imaginations busy – here are a few of our favourite craft projects to do with the kids in the autumn months.

Leaf Collages

Watching the leaves change colour is one of the best things about the seasons turning and making a leaf collage means you can see this all year round.  Get all wrapped up and head out collecting some of the biggest and best leaves you can find in as many colours as possible – from those that are still green to orange and red ones, right through to brown. Next – arrange them all on a big piece of card or paper and glue them down. Here is a great example of how to do a leaf collage if you’ve not done one before.

Pinecone bird feeders

Really get your hands dirty and make some pinecone bird feeders – the birds will certainly thank you for it now the weather is colder and food becomes a little harder to find.  The RSPB website has a great step-by-step guide on how to make these, and you can make the fun last even longer by collecting the pinecones altogether, and then keeping track of all the birds you see using the feeders. 

Hand trees

Another messy one but really good fun – get the paints out and let the kids paint their own trees using their arm and hand prints as the trunk and the branches.  You’ll need paints, paper and plenty of newspaper to stop the paint going everywhere. Here is a great link showing you how to do it – you can make it as neat or as messy as you want and for the leaves why not try using different things to create different textures, like sponge, scrunched up paper and even your fingertips.

Leaf garlands

To give your house a truly autumnal feel why not make a leaf garland to hang over the fireplace, in doorways or wherever you have room! You can cut your own leaf shapes out of paper or cardboard, get fake leaves or use real ones, it’s up to you! Then the fun really starts as you can glue, stick, paint and glitter to your hearts content to get the garland looking however you like – we like this one, but you can really get creative with these and make them your own.