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A Frugal Alternative to Christmas Dinner

Mon 21 December 2015

A Frugal Alternative to Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is the one meal of the year that you really want to make special. After all, when the presents have been exchanged, the funny jumpers put on and you’ve made the search for the right size batteries for the kids’ new toys, a really good feast is just what you want.

So even if you’ve already blown a lot of your Christmas cash on gifts and treats for your loved ones, or it’s just that money’s a bit tight at the moment, you can still enjoy a blow-out on a budget if you follow our handy tips.

Let’s start with soup . . . 

If you want to make it a full three course meal a lovely warming soup is a great way to start – and if you can make it Christmassy so much the better. Instead of buying expensive cartons, or settling for plain old tomato, why not make it yourself? For a really seasonal choice there’s a lovely chestnut and parsnip soup to enjoy. Just click on the link for the recipe which is from the New Covent Garden Soup Co. so you know it’s going to be extra delicious.

Talking turkey

The centrepiece of any Christmas dinner is the turkey and it’s a dramatic moment when it’s carried to the table ready for carving. That’s the plus-side of the traditional roast but there are also quite a few drawbacks. Firstly, there’s no denying that turkeys are very expensive birds to buy.  Then there’s the length of time they take to cook and, finally, there’s all the leftover meat to deal with. Turkey curry might be tasty for a day or two but by about the 28th everyone’s getting bored of it!

So you might be better getting a turkey crown instead. It’ll be more expensive per kilo than buying the whole bird but the fact that one weighs less and can feed as many people as a whole turkey, is quicker and easier to roast and all of it can be sliced and eaten mean it’s the best budget choice.

A great way find to the best value deals across all the supermarkets is by visiting supermarket.co.uk. It’s not only going to be useful for finding the best value turkey crown either. It’s the best way to find the lowest prices on everything else for the meal too.


It’s nice to have a drink with your meal but you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy something a little more special than just table wine. Prosecco is a great alternative to champagne and, as the nation’s favourite fizz of the moment, you’ll be sure to be able to find a bottle for around a fiver if you shop around.

For the table

Here’s a great way to both keep the kids busy after school’s broken up and to make two essential additions to the table. The first is a stunning centre-piece that’s easy to make with things you can buy at a craft shop as well as holly and pine cones. Then, once you’re in a creative mood, you can even make your own crackers – and that way you can put in jokes that are actually funny and little gifts that are genuinely useful!.

So however you choose to enjoy your Christmas we hope these tips will come in useful for you – and the money they’ll save will certainly be handy, even if it just gives you a bit more to spend in the January sales!


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