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7 Ways of reducing your energy costs

Wed 12 September 2018

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When you’re trying to stick to a budget each month, it can be frustrating to see your energy costs creeping up. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to stop this from happening. Here are 7 ways of reducing your energy costs.

Compare tariffs

Make sure you are getting the best deal. It can sometimes be worth switching suppliers as there will often be better rates for new customers. Take some time to review the tariffs available from your current supplier and alternative suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best rate. Some companies will also offer a discount if you pay by direct debit.

Turn off appliances at the plug

Leaving appliances on standby rather than switching them off at the plug will add to your energy bills. Don’t leave your TVs, PCs, video game consoles and other such appliances on standby when not in use.

Take control of your heating

Even turning your thermostat down by a couple of degrees can save you significant amounts of money. Be efficient with your heating. Turn radiators off in rooms you don’t use, turn the heating off when you are out of the house and have it turned down low during the night when everyone is in bed.

Buy energy efficient appliances

Change your light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs. When purchasing new appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines or fridge freezers, look at the energy efficiency rating which will range from A+++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient). Depending on how frequently you use your appliances, you could substantially reduce your energy bills by using more energy efficient appliances. Plus, they are better for the environment too.

Protect against drafts

Use draught excluders or seals on windows and doors to prevent heat from escaping. Close your curtains at dusk to better insulate the rooms. Avoid sealing kitchen or bathroom windows as this can cause moisture build-up. Instead, close the internal doors to these rooms and reduce the drafts around them. Protecting against draughts doesn’t have to be expensive and will keep your home warmer, reducing the amount of energy you need to heat it.

Take shorter showers

It can be tempting to stay under the warm shower a little longer then you need to in the cold winter months, but this will add to your energy costs. You could save up to £7 a year, by simply reducing your shower time by one minute on every shower. Encourage everyone in the family to take shorter showers to save energy.

Use appliances more efficiently

Reduce energy costs by being more careful when using appliances. Fill the dishwasher before running it, rather than running at half load. Only boil the water you need, rather than filling the kettle every time. Wash clothes on a 30-degree wash rather than 40 degrees and line dry clothes instead of running the tumble dryer. Using your appliances more efficiently will reduce your energy usage and lower your costs.

Hopefully, these tips give you some ideas on how you can be more efficient with your energy and reduce costs. Being aware of how you are using energy and where you can decrease your usage is a good first step in reducing your utility bills.

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