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50 Things you Could do on a 'No Spend' Weekend

Wed 07 February 2018

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If you’re saving money or trying to reduce your spending, then a ‘no spend’ weekend can really make a difference. A ‘no spend’ weekend is exactly what it sounds like; - a weekend where you spend nothing.

We’ve put together a fun list of 50 things you could do on a ‘no spend’ weekend:

As a family

1.     Have a family movie night

2.     Go to the local playground

3.     Visit free museums or art galleries in your area

4.     Have a board games night or video game tournament

5.     Set up your tent in the living room or back garden and spend the night ‘camping’

6.     Build a fort, pirate ship or hide-out with tables, chairs and old sheets

7.     Act out a play, put on a talent show or do a lip-sync battle; you can even invite friends or family members to be the audience or judges

8.     Take it in turns to teach each other a new trick or skill- sewing, playing an instrument, skateboarding, whistling, magic, juggling- what hidden talents do you have between you?

9.     Visit the library

10. Pack up some sandwiches and go for a picnic at the local park, beach or just in the back garden

11. Read a book together- you can have fun making up voices for the different characters as you go

12. Do a car boot sale- you might even turn your ‘no spend’ weekend into a making money weekend

13. Make homemade greeting cards

14. Create your own ‘works of art’ with pencils, crayons or paints and set up your own family ‘art gallery’ for the evening

15. Craft night- old toilet roll tubes, cereal boxes and plastic bottles can be turned into all sorts or make jewellery with old buttons and beads

16. Scrapbooking- collect up old photos and tickets and create a family scrapbook or cut out pictures you all like from old magazines and catalogues to make collages

17. Have a family ‘disco’- put on your favourite music and dance the night away in the comfort of your living room

Home alone

18. Binge-watch your favourite TV show or box set

19. Complete online surveys

20.Clean or rearrange your house or garage

21. Prepare a meal plan for the next week or fortnight so you don’t waste money on food that won’t get eaten

22.  Research your family tree

23. Do a crossword, sudoku, word search or jigsaw puzzle

24. Curl up with a good book

25. Write a poem, story, diary or blog

26. Make a wish list or ‘bucket list’ of all the things you’d love to do, places you’d like to visit or things you want to achieve

27. Learn a new skill or language using online videos or training websites

28. Have a home spa day- treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath with candles and music, paint your nails and pamper yourself

29. De-clutter and sell unwanted items

30. Write a letter to a friend who lives far away

31. Make a YouTube video- share your top tips or show off a talent

With friends

32. Get friends to bring leftover food items and get creative making a meal together from whatever ingredients you have

33. Invite a friend over who you haven’t talked to in a while or have tea with a family member

34. Start a book club

35. Host a clothing swap- get friends to bring unwanted clothes and swap between each other

36. Have an ‘entertainment swap’ with a friend- loan each other your favourite book, film or box set

In the community

37. Volunteer for a charity or as a steward at a local sporting event

38. Explore a new area of your city

39. Organise a litter pick in your local area and clean up the neighbourhood

40. Use websites such as ‘Meetup’ to find like-minded people nearby

41. Use websites like ‘Eventbrite’ to find free events in your local area

Get active

42. Do some gardening

43. Do a workout or go for a run

44. Walk the dog- if you don’t have one, then offer to walk a friend’s dog instead

45. Learn yoga from online videos

46. Get a group of friends or family together and play football, rounders or other team games at the local playing fields

47. Play in the garden

48. Go for a bike ride

49. Go for a walk or hike in the park or on local trails

50. Go berry picking and make a pie or crumble

Although the above ideas aren’t suited to everyone’s situation, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your ‘no spend’ weekend.

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