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5 tips on how you could make money through blogging

Wed 25 April 2018

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If you are good at writing and can create interesting, entertaining or informative blog posts, then it may be possible to earn money using these skills. Here are 5 tips on how you could make money through blogging.

1. Advertising

Once you have set up a blog, you may be able to charge companies to advertise on your site. Google AdSense can be a useful tool for bloggers as it finds advertisers for you and you get paid when anyone views or clicks an ad. However, you won’t earn anything if nobody is visiting your blog, so you need to attract readers.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing could be another way to make money through blogging. Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate scheme for bloggers. You link to products on Amazon using a special link and get paid a commission if people click the link and then buy the product.

There are terms and conditions for schemes such as this and it isn’t a guaranteed way of making money. If you don’t have any visitors to your blog, then you won’t have anyone clicking the links which means you won’t earn any commission. You need to get readers to visit your blog if you want to try and earn money this way.

3. Sell a product

You could use your blog to attract readers and then offer them the chance to buy products or services. These could be physical products such as a book, handmade products or manufactured items. Alternatively, they may be virtual products such as webinars or online training courses. Once again, you need to attract readers to your blog to make money this way.

4. Memberships and subscriptions

Once you have built up a following for your blog, it could be possible to charge a membership or subscription fee. This could be a charge for accessing certain blog posts, getting sent extra content or receiving offers and discounts. It may be possible to charge membership fees, but the members should feel that they get something of value or they won’t want to pay the fee.

5. Blog for someone else

If you are confident with writing and have good knowledge of an industry or specific subject, then you could get paid to write blogs for someone else. If you can find a company or existing blogger whose target audience would be interested in reading what you are blogging about, then they may be prepared to pay you.

Whether you are blogging for someone else or writing your own blog, it is not guaranteed that you will make money. There are thousands of bloggers covering all different topics. Some blogs make millions of pounds whilst others don’t make a penny. If you are thinking of blogging to make money, then do some research and planning first.

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