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5 Things you could do this Spring with kids on a budget

Wed 28 February 2018

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Keeping children entertained on a budget may seem like a challenge but there are some things you can do that don’t break the bank. Here are our ideas for 5 things you could do this spring with kids when you’re on a budget.

1. Spring clean

You may think that the kids won’t enjoy cleaning but there are lots of ways you can turn it into a game. Have competitions for the tidiest bedroom or get them to do a ‘stock take’ of the food cupboards. Hold a fashion show whilst clearingout wardrobes.

Collect up old toys, games, books, clothes and DVDs and take them to a local car boot sale; who can make the most money from their unwanted items?

2. Make a kite

Get creative by making kites and taking them to the local park. You can experiment with different materials and designs to see which combinations make the best kites. Some things you might need for kite making are:

    ● Bamboo, dowel or light sticks

    ● Strong tape

    ● Paper or newspaper

    ● Plastic bags or cellophane

    ● String

    ● Things for decorating (glitter, felt pens, ribbon etc.)

3. Nature walks

Spring is a great time for nature; lambs, birds, baby rabbits and spring flowers. Make a list of things to look out for and turn your countryside walks into scavenger hunts. Who can spot the most items on their list?

You can choose different items to suit the ages of your children, starting as simply as a ‘yellow flower’, up to more specific items like ‘a daffodil’. If you have a camera, take pictures of the items when you find them.

4. Easter activities

    ● Put your family’s artistic skills to the test and see who can create the most imaginative Easter bonnet. You can pick up old hats at charity shops, pound shops or just ask friends and family if they have any lying around. Find old scarves, clothing and ribbons to decorate with; be as inventive as you like.

     Make bunny ears from cardboard and get some wool to make pom-poms with. Decorate your ears and have a ‘best bunny’ competition.

    ● Hard-boil some eggs and turn them into fun characters using felt tip pens, paints, wool, glitter and other bits and pieces.

5. Do some gardening

Spring is a good time to get out in the garden and start preparing it for the summer. Clear up all the dead twigs and get rid of any weeds that have crept in over the winter. If you have never tried gardening before, turn it into a family project; what flowers or vegetables do you want to try growing? Do some research together and visit the local garden centre for inspiration.

Entertaining your kids doesn’t always have to be expensive. We hope we have given you some useful suggestions for keeping costs down this spring. Choosing activities that are budget-friendly will allow you to manage your money more effectively and even put a little aside for unexpected expenses.

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