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5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Wed 29 October 2014

5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Autumn is definitely upon us and with it comes the spookiest of celebrations - Halloween.

If the kids are starting to ask about getting their costumes ready for parties or trick-or-treating, we’ve put together a few ideas for homemade outfits that won’t end up costing you a fortune.

Wicked Witch

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a few witches. You could go for the classic black cloak and pointy nose, or something a bit funkier with stripy stockings and bright colours - this can make putting costumes together easier as you can often use things your children already own. Add accessories such as a sparkly scarf or a long shawl to complete the look, but of course, the pointy hat is essential. Here are some great ideas for making witch costumes:

Witch costume ideas

Witch tutu and hat

Egyptian Mummy

This is another Halloween classic that’s really easy to make. You can do a temporary costume using rolls of gauze bandages over a white top and trousers, or make it more permanent (and easier to get in and out of) with a bit of simple sewing or gluing. It can look really effective, and you can add details such as cobwebs and spiders, or dye the fabric in tea to make it look aged. Have a look at these instructions from to make a spooky mummy costume for your child:

Mummy costume


A scary vampire is always a good choice for Halloween, particularly when you complete the look with pale makeup and a bit of fake blood. The other thing you’ll need for a successful vampire costume is a cloak. If you want to avoid sewing, then you can make a cloak fairly simply with some no-fray fabric and some black or red ribbon. Simply cut a piece of fabric to the desired size, and then fold it down about 5cm along the top. Cut slits at about 3cm intervals all along the edge, so you can thread a ribbon through to tie the cloak around the shoulders. Just add dark trousers and a white shirt. Here’s a good recipe for fake blood too.


A robot costume is great fun to make, and the kids can really get involved with the design. Start with a large cardboard box that will fit comfortably over your child’s torso, securing all the flaps, and cutting a hole where their head will go through. Do the same with a smaller box to make a helmet/robot head. Spray-paint everything in silver, and add whatever details you want, either by drawing with felt tips, or gluing bits and pieces on.


Superheroes are all the rage at the moment and making a superhero costume with your children can be great fun, as they can come up with their own powers, superhero name and design a costume to match. Leggings and a t-shirt can form a good base for a costume, making use of bright colours and bold shapes to make it personal. You can make a cape in the same way as the vampire costume above, but make it shorter and out of brightly coloured material to give it that superhero edge. Or you could have a go at this no-sew mask and superhero cape, or these easy-to-make superhero costumes.