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5 budget buys for babies

Wed 05 December 2018

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Having a new baby can be quite an expensive time, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ideas for how you can make your budget stretch further.

Plan ahead

Make a list of everything you need and shop around. Buy things when you see them on offer and look out for when shops have sales on. Remember to cross items off your list once you have them so you don’t duplicate items.

Buy second-hand

Babies grow quickly, so a lot of equipment and baby clothes barely get used. Buying second hand is a great way of getting good quality items for a fraction of the price.

Ask for help

Friends and family will want to buy you something for when the baby is born, and most people would prefer to buy something you want or need. When people ask for ideas, give them some options. Explain that you would really appreciate them buying gifts before the baby is born so that you can stay organised and have everything ready.

5 Budget Buys

1. Nappies

Nappies can be a big cost during your baby’s first years. There are some excellent own brand nappies which can work out better value than the named brands and are often just as good. Alternatively, muslin nappies (cloth) are reusable so can be a great way to save money. They are also better for the environment than disposable ones.

2. Baby bag

When you’re out and about with your baby, you’ll need a bag for spare nappies and all the other bits and pieces. This doesn’t have to be a special baby bag. Any large bag will be fine for holding everything you need and will probably be cheaper to buy if you don’t already have something suitable.

3. Feeding

Breastfeeding will save money on formula, bottles and sterilising equipment, but if you do need to bottle feed instead or as well as, then you’ll need a steriliser. There are plenty of budget options available that are lesser-known brands. They have usually undergone all the same safety tests and work just as well as the big brand ones.

4. Bath time

Baby baths and fancy baby towels are nice, but they are not a necessity. A washing up bowl or the sink are cheap alternatives that work equally as well as a baby bath. They can even be better for your back as you won’t need to bend or kneel as much. Normal bath towels are perfectly fine to use for your baby, as long as they are clean.

5. Travel system

Travel systems are one of the biggest expenses, so you need to spend some time deciding which is right for you. All-in-one systems with pram, pushchair and car seat fittings can work out better value in the long run but only if you need all the attachments. If you don’t have a car, then you might not need a car seat. Some pushchairs can be used for newborns, meaning you don’t necessarily need both a pram and a pushchair. Work out which items you need, and then decide whether an all-in-one system is cheaper or whether it is better to buy separate items.

If you plan wisely and shop around, you’ll find it easier to make your money stretch. Don’t feel pressured into buying every fancy baby item on the market; there are a lot of items that are luxuries, not necessities.

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