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30 Ways you could supplement your income

Wed 11 April 2018

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Your income may cover your bills but wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra for those occasional treats? If it’s not possible to take on a second job, then there are other ways you can make extra money. Here are 30 ways you could supplement your income.

1. Dog walk

If you love animals, then why not offer a dog walking service for busy dog owners or owners with restricted mobility.

2. Pet sit

Pet owners have holidays and they need someone to take care of their pets. Register with a pet sitting agency.

3. House-sit

Look after a property whilst the owners are away; water the plants, feed the fish, open and close curtains and keep the house secure.

4. Rent your parking space

City and town centre parking is expensive. If you live close to the centre and don’t use your parking space, then why not rent it out to someone who drives into work?

5. Rent a room

If you own your home and have a spare room, then you could rent it to a lodger or advertise on sites like Airbnb.

6. Complete surveys

Market research provides valuable data to businesses. Get paid for completing surveys or giving your opinion.

7. Test websites and apps

Some sites offer incentives for you to test websites and apps or watch videos. You won’t make huge amounts of money but it can be quite fun.

8. Become a mystery shopper

Sign up to become a mystery shopper and get paid to go shopping, visit restaurants or stay in hotels and give feedback on your experience.

9. Sell homemade goods

If you’re creative then make money crafting and selling cards, clothing, gifts, jewellery or any other hand-made items.

10. Car booting

De-clutter your home, garage or shed and attend a car boot sale. Sell your unwanted books, toys, games, DVDs, CDs, clothes and household items.

11. Become an eBay seller

Set up an eBay store and make money selling online. If you can sell items for more than they cost you to purchase, then you can make a nice extra income.

12. Sell beauty products

Companies such as Avon, Arbonne, Forever Living, Body Shop and many more allow you to freelance, selling their products. You may have to pay for a start-up kit so do a bit of research first and choose the best one for you.

13. Be a TV extra

Fancy seeing yourself on TV? Sign up to an extras agency and audition for TV shows being filmed in your area.

14. Give music lessons

Can you play a musical instrument? Give lessons or make video tutorials and get subscribers.

15. Teach a language

If you are fluent in a second language, then make money teaching others online or in person.

16. Teach an exercise or dance class

Become an instructor and teach yoga, Pilates, aerobics, salsa, boxercise, tap, ballet or any other dance or exercise class. You will need to have the appropriate certifications and training to get started.

17. Drive

Get your private hire vehicle (PHV) licence and offer a taxi service. Sign up with companies such as Uber or local taxi firms or offer an airport pick up and drop off service for your area.

18. Deliver food

Deliver meals for local takeaways. You can work directly with the business itself or apply to companies like Uber Eats or Deliveroo.

19. Distribute leaflets

Takeaways, local businesses and political parties need distributors to post leaflets through doors. If you like walking, then this could be a great way of getting out and about whilst making a bit of money.

20. Clean

If you like cleaning, then why not provide a cleaning service for people in the local area or friends and family who are short on time.

21. Iron

Provide an ironing service for busy people who want to stay smart but don’t have time to iron all their shirts.

22. Sew

If you have dressmaking, seamstress or sewing skills then provide clothing repairs and alterations for money.

23. Proofread

Do you have an eye for detail? If you have good spelling, grammar and punctuation then you can get paid to proofread documents.

24. Write a book

Got a story you want to share? Write a book and make money from the royalties.

25. Write a blog

If you like writing and can educate, inform or entertain readers, then start a blog and get paid for advertising or sharing affiliate links.

26. Research

Get paid to do research. It could be researching online, reading articles and essays, calling experts or examining data.

27. Transcribe

Get paid to write up meeting notes into full reports, transcribe recordings or add the subtitles to videos.

28. Translate

If you are multi-lingual, then you can get paid to translate documents or attend meetings and translate what is being said.

29. Photography

If you have a good camera and a skill for taking photos, then you can get paid for your services or sell your images online.

30. Video editing

With video marketing becoming so popular, many businesses are filming their own short videos. If you have the right software and skills, then you can offer an editing service.

Some of the above suggestions are available to anyone but some require special licences, insurance, training or experience. If you want to offer a service to supplement your income, do some research first to make sure you do it legally and are properly insured.

If you are making an extra income, then you will need to let HMRC know to make sure you are paying the correct taxes and national insurance contributions. Even if you don’t think you are liable, it is better to be on the safe side.

Making a bit of extra money can really help you save for those unexpected emergencies but it isn’t always possible to plan for every expense. At Morses Club, we provide small loans to help take care of those surprise costs. Our loans aren’t right for everyone so if you are considering it as an option, it is important you understand how it works before you apply.

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